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Welcome to MadeWell Counseling and Therapy Center

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About MadeWell

The counseling space draws its power from its capacity to deeply engage with our stories. It leads to healing by refusing to dismiss brokenness as permanent. And that healing transforms suffering into value and beauty.

Where will our care and expertise meet your desire for healing? We are honored to come alongside you in this journey of healing, freedom, peace, and wholeness. There is hope.


Our Services

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Individual Therapy

50 minute one-on-one session with a licensed therapist. Includes an initial intake session to establish what your goals are and how the therapist can best help you.

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Couples Therapy

Your partner and you will have a 50 minute session with a licensed therapist. 90 minute sessions are also available if needed and recommended by your therapist.  Includes an initial in-take session. At an additional cost, couples will have an option to do an online, empirically based, assessment to measure the health of their relationship.

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Corporate Therapy

Dare to create a holistic work culture. A therapist will join your team to provide confidential in-house therapy hours. If your company is interested, please contact us for more details.

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Mindfulness Coaching

This includes learning specific mindfulness techniques and working with your therapist to develop a plan that works for you. Mindfulness has shown to have an impact on your long-term mental health as well as assist with anxiety, panic attacks, and other such symptoms.

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Group Therapy

Group therapy sessions bring together individuals who are looking for a safe space to work with others on similar struggles, pains, or diagnoses. These sessions can provide a means for individuals to not feel alone in their struggle and learn from each other. Likely, you will recognize your own glory in what you give to others. These sessions will run periodically.

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What Others Have to Say

"Elzaba is thoughtful, deliberate, and proactive in the ways she listens and helps discern things in people's life! She has been such an incredible encourager and has spoken truth into my life in such clear ways. Elzaba truly sees the potential within others and helps draw it out through clear questions. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"


- LS

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