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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy sessions are a powerful and safe space to confidentially bring in a therapist to help navigate the difficulties of life. Whether you are dealing with depression, anxiety, transitional issues, or unfamiliar angst you cannot put a finger on. Individual therapy can allow you to safely explore the emotional, and perhaps, physical distress that you are in.


We believe that you, at your core, were made well. However, the journey of life can bring about brokenness, pain, and hurt that impact our long-term well-being. Therapy can be utilized to unpack our past relationships, family of origin, maladaptive coping mechanisms, and cognitive distortions that are entangled with the difficulties that we face. Together we will work on building and developing psychological flexibility and compassionately approach unhelpful patterns.

We all have important stories that are unique. Individual counseling allows for a personalized space and a therapist ready to walk the journey toward healing and a better sense of well-being.

Individual Thrapy
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Couples Therapy

The base of a healthy marriage or relationship is a deep friendship that is based on trust and commitment. In couples therapy, we will work toward a healthier understanding of each other by using empirically-based practices that can provide practical tools to use in the midst of a
conflict. Often, our relationships can be both the source of fullest joy and deepest pain.


Couples therapy can help build on those good moments and provide you with skills to process the painful ones. No relationship is perfect, but using the skills and research that has been done within this field, we can develop a sound relationship that strives to listen, love, and last.

Couples Thrapy
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Corporate Therapy

How can we help you build a culture that mobilizes your employees to thrive? To be given space for emotions in the workplace increases motivation and creativity.

How can we help you build a culture that mobilizes your employees to thrive? We want to partner with you to help establish what Brené Brown calls container building--a corporate space where each member of your team feels safe to communicate and to express issues, ideas, and concerns freely. Working with a therapist can help create a safe and trusting environment where team members can be vulnerable and take risks. To be given space for emotions in the workplace increases motivation and creativity. Together, let's create a holistic, safe and thriving corporate culture.

Corporate Therapy
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Mindfulness Coaching

What’s the purpose of stopping to notice the tingling in your fingers, twitching of your eyelids, or gentle waves of your breathing? To rest in the gift of life. Accepting this gift is a skill that takes guidance and practice. The investment is so worthwhile. It can be resourced wherever you are, and with continued practice, in the most difficult of circumstances.


Group Therapy

Groups may seem like the biggest risk, but there is the most to gain. Our true selves are meant to be discovered in relation to one another. Groups provide an environment to safely work out our brokenness and beauty with others. And as these relationships build, healing occurs organically the way we need it.

Group Therapy

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